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How it works 


EarMachine picks up the sounds around you...


enhances them...


and sends them to your ears.



Simple Interface.
Complex Processing.

When you move an EarMachine wheel, you are changing more than 100 different values that control our state-of-the-art signal processing. We selected these values to benefit the widest possible range of individuals according to large scale studies of hearing abilities. 



Learns what you like

EarMachine's recommendation engine, EarShare, suggests personalized settings for you by listening to your acoustic environment, analyzing your history, and analyzing settings preferred by users like you.  EarShare will get better and better the more you use EarMachine.


Plays your music

EarMachine allows you to access the music that is already on your device. When your music is processed by EarMachine, you will be able to hear details that you never knew existed!


Powered by Hearing Science

EarMachine is the result of numerous hearing science experiments, and many more are ongoing. We are also working to develop wireless earpieces that are compatible with EarMachine. Keep up with our progress by signing up for our mailing list, or checking out our blog